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lakes, mountains, valleys 

An Escape from the world, to Kashmir

1 - 10 May 24'

Documenting your love

It’s a journey of beautiful experiences, moments of love and cherish, the ones where you sit together to have a meaningful conversation, or take a stroll to the streets of Kashmir.

This is not a trip with a few random people with cameras.
We’ll be there not just to take photographs. We’ll be knowing you and listening to your stories, documenting your love, the way you want, and the way you will forever reminisce.


for couples who crave artistry, connection and an unforgettable experience


Throughout the Week

1. Srinagar

Nestled in Kashmir Valley, offers romantic boat rides on Dal Lake, serene gardens, and breathtaking views of Himalayan peaks.

2. Gulmarg

A picturesque hill station in Kashmir, entices couples with its snow-capped peaks, skiing opportunities, and romantic Gondola rides.

3. Pahalgam

A tranquil getaway in Kashmir, beckons couples with its lush valleys, meandering rivers, scenic hikes, and cozy accommodations.

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