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When you consider us as your wedding photographer, you're inviting more than just  a team of  people with cameras. You're hiring us for our perspective; not just our experience of shooting over 400 weddings, but our journey as humans who have laughed with people, wept over lost loved ones  and who have strived to lead a life closely connected to love.

It's these experiences that have given us a perspective that allows us to be acutely aware of the importance of a wedding day and the once-in-a-lifetime moments, toasts, hugs, and embraces from family members you may never see again.

And really…it’s hard to grasp the sacredness of your wedding day as a bride and groom. But we promise you, 10 years into your marriage you’ll know. And you’ll either have hired a photographer who was aware of it too…or you’ll be wishing for images never made.


Our Booking Process



Fill out our inquiry form and give us all the details about you, your significant other and your hopes for your wedding day!

what makes us different & how you get the image you deserve



We take a limited number of weddings each year. We're big believers in connection and making sure we're the best fit to serve you.



Feeling like this is a great fit? Once we've had a chance to chat, all we'll need to reserve your date is a booking amount.



Where are you based? Are you open to travel for my wedding?

We are based in Raipur, India. We have shot weddings all over the India, and are happy to travel to your wedding in any corner of India and abroad too.

How big is your team?

The size of our team is decided based on the requirements of the individuals. A team of 4 is good enough to capture a wedding in it’s entirety but we can also get a team of 8 if the situation asks for it.


My wedding isn’t until next year, is it too soon to enquire?

Since we take limited weddings each year we are usually booked 5-6 months in advance.

Do you only shoot Hindu weddings?

No, we enjoy shooting for any religious wedding. In fact the varied traditions & rituals fascinate us the most in shooting these weddings.

What is the booking process?

The booking process is very simple you can mail us or text us for enquiries or just give us a call.

What are your payment terms?

We take 50% of the total booking amount at the time of booking, the remaining balance is due on the first day of coverage and as we deliver the finished results.

What are the deliverables?

We usually deliver a cinematic trailer about 4-5 minutes and a complete wedding film whose duration is dependent on the wedding rituals. And also all the edited pictures of your wedding.

When can we expect the delivery?

Editing a film is a creative process and we take it very seriously. Each film goes through a series of iterations till we reach a point where we ourselves are satisfied with it. It usually takes us 20 weeks to deliver the complete wedding film based on our work schedule. And for delivery of edited photos takes us 4 weeks.

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