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For the unfussy, heart on your sleeve, tears on your cheek couples. The ones who love boldly, dare greatly, and seek the good in everyday. 

We are wedding photographers based in India. We are a team of passionate individuals who came together sharing a common goal to document stories in their rawest and honest form. We have covered over 400 weddings all across India and have learned and grown to become a better version of ourselves. Along the way we have met lots of individuals who shared our vision and when we worked together we became more like a family than a team. Everything that happens behind the scenes of Stories by Inside Me is done by our in house team from the designing of the albums to the crafting of the videos. We are doing our best to savour and celebrate life's small and big moments.

Pre Wedding Shoot
Pre Wedding Shoot

"Let's create something beautiful together."

Everything you need to know!

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Pre Wedding outdoor shoot

What to expect

Pre Wedding Photoshoot

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A letter from her significant other



Raw, Honest, Unfussy

Haldi Ceremony Indian wedding
Pre wedding shoot
Prewedding Shoot couple dancing.
Intimate Haldi Ceremony of an IndianCouple
Pre Wedding Photoshoot outdoors
Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Train
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