Naman & Aanchal

"One day I looked at you, and it suddenly occurred to me how beautiful your smile was. I heard music in your laughter; I saw poetry in your words. You asked me why I had that look on my face, as though a shadow had fallen across its sun-drenched landscape, heavy with premonition, dark with revelation. The second I tried to tell myself I wasn't in love was the moment I realised I was."

In a beautiful home, amidst intimacy and ecstasy,They gave their hand to each other. They are the message to this world that a wedding is meant for the hearts: not for the rituals, not for the razzmatazz, but for “being in love”. It was 80 of their loved ones, a day of celebration, and what shone through were their smiles.

Their being with one another is calming. To themselves and to the world around them. What we learnt from them is that their love is natural, effortless and it's beautiful. There is abundance and not to mention, some furry 'paw'mises.
You have taught us an important lesson. When you find euphoria in love, it doesn't hit you like a crashing wave, but cradles you like the serene sea. And everything, henceforth, can only go swimmingly.

Silent CatK.ZIA